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Call for Speakers for Measurement Day 2020 in Copenhagen

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Measurement Day conference to Copenhagen in May 2020. We are currently putting out a Call for Speakers and are looking for interesting cases and presentations. Do you have something to share? Or do you know someone we should be talking to?

Call for speakers 2020

The conference that shows you how to measure and evaluate communication is back. On Wednesday May 6th we invite you to join us for another inspiring day where we focus on demonstrating and debating how communication can measurably support corporations, public authorities and organisations in reaching their strategic goals. So please mark your calendar now!

Call for Speakers

Until January 25th we welcome suggestions from potential speakers who would like to present cases or other interesting topics for the conference.

Anyone can participate in our Call for Speakers by downloading and filling out our template and emailing it to Any questions you may have can also be addressed to this email or call us at (+45) 61 67 45 85.

Call for Speakers template in English

Call for Speakers template in Danish

What are we looking for?

The Measurement Day conference focuses on how communication may rise to playing a role of strategic importance within the organisation. Examples could be:

  • By measuring communication’s effect – directly or indirectly – on the organisation’s strategic business goals
  • By applying tools and methods to produce new insights and knowledge that reveals a possibility of improvement
  • By setting relevant criteria for the quality of communication and over time measuring an improvement
  • By employing measurement and research as the foundation for orchestrating accurate messages for considered target audiences – and thereby stretching your communication resources to accomplish more
  • By implementing evaluation as a regular step in the communication practice in order to maintain a focus on learning from both good and bad experiences and results

That is why we are looking for cases and presentations that inspire the audience to do more than simply count Facebook likes and media clippings. That inspire the audience to start working with measuring effect in the form of Outcome and Impact, not just Output, by shaping audience attitudes and opinions that are linked to the business goals.

If you are not sure whether your pitch might be relevant or not, please do calls us at (+45) 61 67 45 85 and have a chat with us about your idea.

Perhaps you have heard about someone doing something cool?

In that case we would also love to hear from you, so we can contact any potential speakers you may have stumbled across. But we need your eyes and ears to help us spot the really great cases and uses of communication measurement and evaluation out there!

So please, give us a call at (+45) 61 67 45 85 or send us your tip to as soon as possible. Thank you!

No sales representatives on stage

It is a cornerstone in the foundation of the concept for Measurement Day that we do not put ‘sales representatives’ on stage. For the audience, there must never be any doubt as to whether the speaker is there to share her or his knowledge and expertise – or to put on a thinly veiled sales pitch for a product, tool or service.

We do, however, happily work with any agency, research institute or measurement vendor to identify the best and most educational case studies or presentations out there, as they are often found specifically among the clients of said companies.

But in order to maintain quality, credibility and a high educational value for our audience, we always prioritise that presentations are given by the organisations themselves – not the agencies or vendors that assisted them along the way.

About Measurement Day

Measurement Day is the only Nordic conference specifically about how to measure, evaluate and document the effect of professional communication.

Its purpose is to share the latest how-to and newest tools that can help communicators demonstrate how their work is making a measurable contribution to their organisation on a strategic level.

Call for Speakers

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